Drawing and painting is for me is a means of realizing emotional and philosophical ideas that are mainly conveyed through human form and flesh. This aesthetic emerges through the working and reworking of the figure or figures and the composition. The drawing or painting acquires a layering of images which remain beneath the final image. These subtle leftovers are like memories and create an emotional depth to a work, as well as an atmosphere, as sense of space, and a sense of mystery and time passed. The drawn or painted object emerges from its aesthetic environment, anchored both in reality (the form observed from life) and imagination (its existence and meaning bound to the paper or canvas and painted or drawn marks out of which it appears). In this way too, the object becomes an emotive gestalt. At this point in the development of a work there is a feeling, on my part, of commitment to the work and a fidelity to the story that is presenting itself. The work becomes an entity, seemingly in its own right, and a visual conversation begins between artist and artwork. The focus becomes fine-tuned and the extraneous elements in a work are stripped away. The figure is the central means of realizing the narrative, working essentially with form - conveyed through shadow and light - as a means of communication.